Mr Oupa Pilane, one of the mentors in the Bring Change Lowveld programme, has devised a model with which he addresses the little things many an entrepreneur overlooks, and which can make all the difference between ultimate success and failure.

MBOBMELA - There were many times over the past 30 years that Ms Karen du Preez had challenging times in her career and wanted to give up, however, she did not and is now the regional director of Avroy Shlain Cosmetics in Mpumalanga.

MBOMBELA - Doing business can be hard. If it was easy, everybody would be doing it, and making a success of it, says Mr Hendrik Pretorius, managing director of SA Capital Partners Group of Companies.

Be afraid to fail – it helps you succeed

MBOMBELA - Ms Nora Fakude, CEO of Buscor, is afraid to fail. Not so afraid that she won’t start, but so afraid that she won’t stop.

MBOMBELA - Gerhard de Bruin was a  chartered accountant in a corporate company earning a good salary, with a bright future. However he felt unfulfilled and realised that he wanted to do run his own company his own way.

MBOMBELA – A business partnership is like a marriage: choose your counterpart very carefully, and for the right reasons. Mr Riaan Loubser and Mr Gerald Danilowitz, co-owners of Unigrad College, say they have found business partners in each other.

MBOMBELA – Working in hospitality is not easy. You stand in constant 24/7 service of the customer who is always right. Mr Willem Fick loves every minute of it. As the owner and general manager of Hotel Numbi & Garden Suites

MBOMBELA - People have choices. At work, as in life, each individual can choose to live a principled life, and to help others. These are the basic tenets on which one businessman has built his company's culture.

MBOMBELA - Sometimes it is doing the most simple things in life, which can yield the biggest rewards. However, aim for the stars, said Mr SW Engelbrecht, general manager of Sappi Ngodwana Mill.

MBOMBELA - When Ms Sandra Jacobs and Mr Andy Lubbe started the Innibos Festival, it was still only a dream. "It is successful now, after we have built it for 13 years," she said. The winner of the Bring Change Lowveld mentorship programme,

MBOMBELA - Years in business and politics have taught attorney and politician Dr Mathews Phosa a few things. From his own personal experience he has discovered, a variety of fields, how to make a success of being an entrepreneur.

MBOMBELA - For Mr Henri Pieters, auditor at Stabilis Chartered Accountants, doing business is all about successfully managing opportunities, challenges and risks.

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